Mission & Vision

The Conflict Resolution Group Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit, non-stock foundation. It envisions peaceful communities where human diversity is celebrated and bridged through non-adversarial processes.

The CoRe Group consists of dedicated individuals, whose declared purpose is to celebrate human diversity. The CoRe Group’s mission is to create, nurture and sustain institutionalized mechanisms imbued with the spirit and skills of non-adversarial processes across the country. In the Philippines, as it is the world over, mediation results show that disputes are addressed effectively and swiftly, with durable and mutual-satisfying outcome while saving expensive time, effort and resources. The prime goal of the CoRe Group in advocating mediation is to promote empowerment and recognition, responsibility-taking and non-violent communication.


The CoRe Group Foundation, Inc.

The Conflict Resolution Group Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit, non-stock foundation. Its advocacy, to firmly and vigorously grow the seeds of mediation, was started by its President and Founder, Professor Annabelle Tecson-Abaya. The CoRe Group consists of dedicated individuals, whose declared purpose is to celebrate human diversity.

“We believe that conflict is a fact of life, and diversity is its most essential feature. To dread diversity is to dread life itself because conflict is a precious resource for human learning, development and evolutionary adaptation. Conflict is not a wasteful outbreak oa of lessons waiting to be learned, an unparalleled opportunity to wake up to the need for a shift towards self-managing, democratic alternatives. This change results in participation, collaboration, awareness, authenticity, congruence, commitment and responsibility”.

The CoRe Group Foundation has a strong record of success, having trained 9 out of 10 professional mediators in the Philippines and assisted in the design and set-up of mediation centers for both the private and public sectors. Its success track is evidenced by delivering projects that yield a consistent settlement of over 90%. It has been at the forefront of promoting the cause of ADR through:

  • The catalysis of stakeholders in drafting the ADR bill
  • Its effective efforts that led to the passage of the ADR Act of 2004 in 18 months
  • The convening of the 9 largest business organizations, led by the Philippine Chamber of Commerce & Industries, which caused the establishment of the National Center for Mediation
  • The gathering of Executive Agency officials to draft the EO on ADR, which was enacted by PGMA in April 2006
  • Sustained advocacy efforts in public and media for a

Core Faculty

Board of Directors

Tristan C. Besa 
Chairman & President

Paulynn P. Sicam
Vice President

Apolinar E. Aure
Corporate Secretary

Nieves Confesor

Gabriel S. Claudio

Irene M. Santiago

Evelyn Dumdum


Project Development Officers

We are looking for driven and hardworking individuals who shall design, develop and implement the various programs that we have to offer.  One who has the mindset to challenge him/herself to work with a very dynamic and passionate team of experts as we innovate new tools and processes.  Candidate must have a strong passion to help improve the lives of others.


The CoRe Group taps the expertise of other organizations in the implementation of projects. Among those that the foundation currently works with are as follows:

  • Association for Conflict Resolution Philippines
    ACR Philippines is a network of trained mediators and advocates whose mission is to professionalize the practice of mediation in the country. The CoRe Group continue to provides support in the creation and operation of the ACR Philippines.
  • National Center for Mediation
    9 of the largest business organizations in the country signed a covenant to use mediation as the primary tool for conflict resolution. The CoRe Group was instrumental in putting the business organizations together. We provided expertise in policy formulation and provided capability building programs to mediators and staff of the NCM. We continue to assist the NCM in its advocacy efforts.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative (CSRI)
    The CSRI is a project under the Kennedy School of Government of Harvard University. A project currently being undertaken is a global effort to enhance the dispute resolution mechanisms available for business-community concerns. The CoRe Group supports the project through its active participation in the organizing committee.
  • Association of Foundations (AF)
    The AF is a network of NGO’s in the Philippines whose mission is to support Philippine Development through the creation of “innovative and quality programs”. The CoRe Group has been a member since 2007.